Conflict Management for Leaders

Become a conflict competent leader!

What you get in the course


The course includes over 10 hours of video lessons so you learn in a fun and accessible way. You can watch them as many times as you like!


Each topic includes a downloadable worksheet to apply your learning to your own particular workplace context and situation.


Throughout the course you can engage with your trainer and other students about what you are learning and your Step Up Challenges.


The course is based on the most recent quality research and best practice and key concepts are presented in easy to understand infographics.


Each module includes a Step Up Challenge to encourage you to try something new in your workplace and report on the outcome to your trainer and peers.


As a student of The Conflict Management Academy you are eligible to join our Conflict Management Leader group and access ongoing FREE learning and support.

During the course you will...

Explore the dynamics of workplace conflict.

Conflict in the workplace is a complex phenomenon. Consider who typically experiences conflict, what workplace conflict is typically about, what factors contribute to workplace conflict arising, how it escalates, and what makes it a positive or negative experience for all concerned. Explore the concept of conflict culture and how informal approaches to conflict interact with formal rules and processes. Develop skills to look at conflict more deeply and from different perspectives, to identify people’s needs and concerns in conflict, and to manage it effectively.

Understand the features of the modern workplace.

Workplaces are changing rapidly and so is the way conflict arises and escalates. Organisational and management structures are evolving; technology is changing the way we work and communicate; workforces include people from different cultures and generations, and they are not necessarily all working in the same physical location. Learn how new workplace structures, power dynamics and methods of communication impact on how conflict develops and how it can be effectively managed.

Analyse topical examples of modern workplace conflict.

As a leader, you need to know how to manage these challenging situations. Explore topical examples of workplace conflict including bullying, conflict relating to social media, performance management and feedback, cultural differences and generational differences. You will learn the particular challenges in managing these kinds of conflicts, and develop strategies to prevent them arising in the first place, and managing them effectively if they do happen.

Develop the attributes of a conflict competent leader.

Be the kind of leader people trust to manage conflict constructively. In this course you will identify and develop the attributes and skills necessary to lead people through conflict in the workplace. You will learn how to welcome conflict and use it as a learning experience for all concerned. You will develop approaches to setting boundaries for yourself and your staff; to communicate in conflict situations; to build trust; and to manage emotions in conflict (both yours and others).

Apply your learning immediately to your own workplace.

Put your knowledge and skills into context. In each module you will complete a number of worksheets to apply what you have learnt to your particular organisation. This ensures that you don’t just walk away with abstract concepts – you immediately use them in relation to your own workplace. This also means that your learning has an immediate impact in the real world.

Attempt regular challenges to develop your conflict skills.

Step up and create positive change in your workplace. Each module you will be asked to participate in a Step Up Challenge. This will be something for you to implement in your workplace to improve the way that conflict is managed. You will share a review of your challenge each module and receive feedback from your trainer and your peers. Learn from the experiences of other conflict leaders facing the same challenges in a variety of workplace contexts.

Join a community of like-minded leaders.

Learn and grow with other conflict leaders around the world. Students in our courses come from all over the world and from different kinds of workplaces – government departments, private corporations, non-government organisations and not-for-profit agencies. This diversity provides for a rick learning experience, as you engage in discussion about your respective conflict challenges and how you face them as leaders in your fields.

Receive a bonus module on conflict coaching for managers.

The course includes a bonus module that introduces the concept of conflict coaching for managers. Learn how to use coaching to support your staff to manage and resolve their won conflicts, and develop their capacity to continue to do so in the future. Save yourself valuable management time by using the process to support your staff to help themselves!

About your trainer

Samantha Hardy BA, LLB(Hons), LLM, Grad Cert Uni Learning and Teaching, PhD

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Dr Samantha Hardy is the principal of Conflict Coaching International, and the Director and Lead Trainer for The Conflict Management Academy. She is an experienced mediator and conflict coach and the founder of the REAL Conflict Coaching System™. She provides conflict support to managers and leaders across the world. She also provides professional development training, supervision and mentorship to mediators and coaches who work with clients in conflict.

Sam has been accredited as a mediator under the Australian National Mediation Accreditation System and is a Certified Transformative Mediator by the US Institute of Conflict Transformation. She is a Certified Narrative Coach.

In 2021 Sam was awarded the Australian Resolution Institute Award for Service to Dispute Resolution for her leadership and innovation in the field. She was also awarded 2022 Conflict Coach of the Year at the Australian Dispute Resolution Awards.

Sam holds a PhD in Law and Conflict Resolution, as well as other postgraduate qualifications in adult education.

Sam is a well known trainer and university educator, holding adjunct appointments at a number of universities in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA.

Sam has also published widely in conflict resolution, including her books Dispute Resolution in Australia, Mediation for Lawyers and Conflict Coaching Fundamentals: Working with Conflict Stories.

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You have access to the course materials for 12 months from the date you register.  In special circumstances, your access may be extended upon request.

are there any entry requirements?

No, the course is open to anyone who is ready to work towards a more peaceful future.  You do not need any university degree or other qualifications or experience.

If you have any questions about the course, just ask: office@conflictmanagementacademy.com