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Coaching feedback

Develop artistry in your coaching practice with detailed feedback on your coaching sessions.

How It Works

Step One

Get your client's consent to participate in a video recorded practice coaching session.

Step Two

Record the coaching session (we recommend using zoom 'gallery view' for online coaching sessions)

Step Three

Submit the recording for feedback using a shared dropbox file or WeTransfer.


What our coaches say

Sam’s feedback is detailed, honest, clear and helps with ongoing reflective practice. I always look forward to receiving Sam’s feedback because I know by integrating her feedback, my ability to assist others will increase exponentially.
Suzanne Miller-Mustard
Accredited REAL Conflict Coach
I appreciate the time and effort Sam puts into providing such detailed feedback. The time stamps help me see exactly which part of the coaching session she is commenting on. Getting feedback on the sessions provides an opportunity for me to continue to fine tune my coaching skills. It is also an opportunity to identify areas which I can focus on to develop further. It has been so invaluable for me, as part of my learning journey and ensures I am honouring the REAL model as well.
Luci Fittler
Accredited REAL Conflict Coach
The feedback Sam provides is essentially focussed professional coaching. Professional coaching, when done expertly (as Sam does) is an accelerated form of reflective practice whose synergism promotes artistry in practice. Enhanced artistry in practice manifests as improved professional interaction between my clients and I. This improved interaction is personally very satisfying (and priceless in that it is difficult for me to put a dollar value on this personal satisfaction). This improved interaction is also likely to contribute to retention of clients and improved word of mouth advertising for me – a back-pocket dollar value can clearly be put on this by me.
Anthony Dilley
Accredited REAL Conflict Coach



PER 60-90 minute 
coaching session

Frequently Asked Questions

The coaching session should be between 60-90 minutes long.

The coaching session doesn’t have to be professionally recorded, but the viewer should be able to see and hear both the coach and the client clearly. We recommend online coaching be recorded using zoom (gallery view so both people’s faces are seen at all times). 


The person you coach does not have to be a real, paying client. However, they must be talking about a real conflict that involves them personally (not role playing an imaginary conflict or someone else’s conflict). The coaching session must not be scripted or pre-prepared, and must be filmed in real time (not edited).

Feedback will be provided in writing, with time-stamps to indicate which moments in the coaching session are being referred to. You may also receive video recorded feedback where appropriate. You can also book a 30-minute zoom session to discuss  your feedback.

Feedback is usually provided within two weeks of submitting your video recording. 

If your coaching session is found to meet accreditation standards, and you are not already accredited as a REAL Conflict Coach, you will be invited to submit your video formally for accreditation assessment, along with the required application form and answers to reflective questions. You will not have to pay an additional fee for accreditation assessment.

Develop artistry in your coaching!

Access individualised feedback to support you in your continuing development as a coach.