REAL Conflict Coaching Fundamentals

Support others to manage and resolve their conflict!

What you get in the course


The course includes over 40 hours of video lessons so you can learn in a fun and accessible way. You can watch them anywhere, any time and as many times as you like!


Each module includes a variety of activities so you can apply your learning to your own particular context and experiences, and engage in ongoing reflective practice.


Throughout the course you can engage with your trainer and other students for feedback and coaching practice sessions, using zoom and online discussion forums.


The course is based on the most recent quality research and best practice in the fields of coaching and conflict management. Content is presented in an engaging and accessible way.


The course includes multiple REAL Conflict Coaching demonstrations, plus some shorter skills demonstrations, so you can see the process in action.


As a student of The Conflict Management Academy you are eligible to join our monthly REAL Masterclasses, Webinars, and Artistry Drop-in sessions to continue your learning and network with other coaches.


Successful completion of this course also entitles you to credit for the subject LB5527 Conflict Coaching in the JCU Graduate Certificate / Masters of Conflict Management and Resolution

Completing the course will give you 36 hours towards your Core Competencies and 4 hours toward Resource Development for your International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation and professional development.

Who should do this training?

During the course you will...

Explore the dynamics of conflict

Understand how people typically experience conflict, and how they tend to frame their thinking about it.  Discover how people often talk themselves into being stuck in conflict… and how to help them take a more proactive role in managing conflict in the future. Explore typical conflict narratives and conflict interactions, and evaluate their pros and cons in various contexts.

Examine the benefits of coaching as an intervention

Explore the role of coach, comparing it with other roles such as advisor, mentor and trainer.  Consider the responsibilities of coach and client in the coaching relationship. Think about your past experiences with coaching, and identify your own coach qualities. Examine the International Coach Federation’s core competencies and how they apply in a conflict coaching context.

Consider the relationship between coaching and conflict

Understand the benefits and limitations of coaching in conflict situations. Learn how coaching fits within a larger conflict management system, and when it is (and isn’t) a suitable intervention. Develop the skills to use conflict coaching as a stand alone intervention, or to support other processes such as mediation and performance development.

Learn how to use the REAL Conflict Coaching system

The REAL Conflict Coaching system is designed to be jargon-free, easy to follow, intuitive and flexible. It provides a basic structure to help people reflect more deeply on their conflict experiences and to identify choices and strategies to manage conflict more effectively in the future. It can also be used as a performance development tool, without any conflict history.

Develop and practice your coaching skills

As well as learning the REAL Conflict Coaching system, you will develop specific coaching skills to help you use it most effectively. These skills include listening (but probably in a way you haven’t listened before!), questioning, identifying opportunities for change, and helping clients evaluate potential choices they might be considering in the future.

Explore legal and ethical considerations in conflict coaching

You will gain a strong understanding of the legal and ethical frameworks in which a conflict coach practices. This will ensure that you support your clients in the best possible way, without creating any risks to yourself or your client. You will explore some ethical dilemmas in various coaching contexts, and reflect on your own values and how they may impact on your coaching.

Join a community of like-minded conflict coaches

Learn and grow with other REAL conflict coaches around the world. Students in our courses come from many different countries and from different kinds of backgrounds – conflict practitioners and coaches in private practice, employees of government departments, private corporations, non-government organisations, and not-for-profit agencies. This diversity provides for a rich learning experience, as you engage in discussion about your respective conflict challenges.

Become eligible to apply for REAL Conflict Coach accreditation

Completion of the course entitles you to apply for REAL Conflict Coach accreditation (and later for Master Coach accreditation). Accreditation provides you with a trust mark of quality, as well as logos and resources to use in your practice and for marketing purposes. You also join an international support network to help you continue to develop as a REAL Conflict Coach.

Take a virtual tour

The REAL Conflict Coaching System

REAL Conflict Coaches assist clients to develop the 5 Cs:


Clients gain clarity about the conflict situation.


Clients develop a better understanding of their own (and others') needs and goals.


Clients recognise past choices (good and bad) and identify and evaluate their choices for moving forwards.


Clients increase their conflict management skills so that they can constructively engage in conflict.


Clients develop their confidence to manage conflict now and in the future.

Keeping it REAL

The REAL Conflict Coaching System is based on a set of REAL Values

REAL Conflict Coaching encourages and assists people to deeply reflect on their conflict interactions. It also supports people to develop the capacity to engage in reflective practice in their future conflict interactions, for the purpose of reflective learning and the development of artistry.

REAL Conflict Coaching supports people to constructively engage with, rather than avoid, conflict. REAL Conflict Coaches assist people to find the right level at which to engage, and to sustain that engagement in the long term if necessary.

REAL Conflict Coaching builds the client’s capacity to engage in and manage their conflict at the level of artistry. It encourages and supports individuals to go beyond the merely satisfactory, and to achieve excellence.

REAL Conflict Coaching is a process that enables people to learn from their own experiences, rather than from abstract training programs. It is grounded strongly in principles of adult learning and development, and supports people to engage in lifelong reflective learning.

About your trainer

Samantha Hardy BA, LLB(Hons), LLM, Grad Cert Uni Learning and Teaching, PhD

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Dr Samantha Hardy is the principal of Conflict Coaching International, and the Director and Lead Trainer for The Conflict Management Academy. She is an experienced mediator and conflict coach and the founder of the REAL Conflict Coaching System™. She provides conflict support to managers and leaders across the world. She also provides professional development training, supervision and mentorship to mediators and coaches who work with clients in conflict.

Sam has been accredited as a mediator under the Australian National Mediation Accreditation System and is a Certified Transformative Mediator by the US Institute of Conflict Transformation. She is a Certified Narrative Coach.

In 2021 Sam was awarded the Australian Resolution Institute Award for Service to Dispute Resolution for her leadership and innovation in the field. She was also awarded 2022 Conflict Coach of the Year at the Australian Dispute Resolution Awards.

Sam holds a PhD in Law and Conflict Resolution, as well as other postgraduate qualifications in adult education.

Sam is a well known trainer and university educator, holding adjunct appointments at a number of universities in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA.

Sam has also published widely in conflict resolution, including her books Dispute Resolution in Australia, Mediation for Lawyers and Conflict Coaching Fundamentals: Working with Conflict Stories.

What some of our students are saying

Luci, Business Partner, TAFE NSW

Melissa, Business Partner, TAFE NSW

REAL Conflict Coaching training was truly enlightening! The model provides a simple, easy to follow, guide to conflict coaching and the training turns on the lightbulbs of awareness as it fills in the gaps and pulls the entire process into clear focus. Anyone who wants a comprehensive understanding of conflict would benefit greatly from REAL.
Genevieve Hinds
I have done a number of training programs and consider myself a very experienced coach. But there is always something more to learn. I found the REAL program engaging, challenging, rewarding and very valuable. A nurturing and enriching experience, I am really delighted to recommend it.
Dr Rosemary Howell
A positive and enlightening experience. I would strongly recommend the REAL Conflict Coaching course to anyone who wants to learn a highly practical and well developed method to help people manage their conflicts in a positive manner.
John D'Alessandro
Your training is excellent! I appreciated the way it slowly builds and is self-paced. I like that the training is nine modules and 50 hours. I love that you take the time to explain how conflict coaching differs from other methodologies that provide help/support for clients. Excellent stuff Sam!
Vince Hawkins
Minister and Mediator, USA

Some of the organisations for whom I have provided
in-house training in REAL Conflict Coaching include:



You have access to the course materials for 12 months from the date you register.  In special circumstances, your access may be extended upon request.

are there any entry requirements?

No, the course is open to anyone who is ready to work towards a more peaceful future.  You do not need any university degree or other qualifications or experience.

How do I become accredited as a real conflict coach after completing the course ?

Your registration fee includes the cost of applying for accreditation. Accreditation is a separate process that you can choose to undertake after completing the course.  You are required to complete an application form, provide a video recording of a REAL Conflict Coaching session, and write a reflective piece about your performance in the coaching session. Find out more about accreditation here.

is there a payment plan option ?

Yes, you can choose to pay the full registration fee and receive a discount, or you can pay the fee in two monthly instalments.  If you work for an organisation and wish to send a number of people to complete the training, contact us and we can negotiate a group discount.

If you have any questions about the course, just ask: office@conflictmanagementacademy.com