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Using Boundaries 
in Conflict

This special offer will allow you to access one of the most useful modules from the full Braving the Conflict Arena program: Armour and Boundaries, so you can learn to set effective boundaries in conflict situations, and act with courage and integrity! 

What you will learn in this Module

Learn how to set effective boundaries in conflict, so you can be vulnerable with confidence.

Learn the importance of the timing of boundaries, and how to set them before, during and after a conflict interaction, to maximise the chance that everyone can engage constructively and obtain a lasting outcome.

Explore the different types of boundaries and identify which are most helpful to you in your specific context.

Develop the skills to set, monitor and maintain strong boundaries in conflict, so that you can continue to act with courage and integrity in the future.

How the course works

The course is presented using short video lessons and an accompanying workbook to apply your learning immediately to your own situation. 

The course is fully flexible and can be completed independently in your own time – there are no set class times.

About your trainers

Sam is a conflict specialist, with over 20 years' experience providing coaching and training to support people to work towards a more peaceful future. She is known as a practical thinker, and a thinking practitioner. She is the founder of the REAL Conflict Coaching System.

Dr Samantha Hardy

CCI Academy

Cherelle is an accredited Daring Way facilitator of Dr Brené Brown's work. She has over 20 years' experience engaging leaders and high-performing teams. She specialises in courage, connection, agility and trust. She is the founder of the Courage Creators' Community.

Cherelle Witney

Lift Performance Solutions

What our students say!

Claudia Butler

Conflict Navigator, Australia

I enjoyed the course and learned valuable tips and tools to help in my coaching. The big takeaways for me were 1) setting boundaries, 2) viewing conflict as a learning opportunity and 3) self-compassion (don't be too hard on oneself when dealing with conflict). The course syllabus is broad enough for anyone with an interest in conflict management to benefit. I would recommend managers, supervisors, HR executives, coaches to try the course.

Genevieve Heng

Private Equity Investor, Singapore

The content was engaging, well researched and pertinent to helping develop my professional skills. One of the things I liked most was that it wasn't all theory based but was developed by practitioners who have lived experience in applying the skills.

Deborah Black

Principal Consultant, Blackforrest Consulting

Sam really changed the way I think about conflict... I'm not scared of it any more and I know how to manage it effectively. Sam's training is full of great ideas and information, but also includes very practical strategies that I have been able to use right away.

Natasha Buttler

Business Coach


This course is suitable for anyone who wants to be more courageous in conflict. You do not need to have done any previous training in conflict resolution or have any specific background.

The full Braving the Conflict Arena course includes about 4 hours of video content in total (presented in short lessons of about ten minutes each). There are also activities to complete for each lesson in the workbook provided. 

The Armour and Boundaries Module includes about an hour of content (including the time you will spend watching the videos and completing the workbook). This time may vary depending on how much effort you put into thinking about and completing the activities.

The Boundaries Module includes 6 lessons.  Each lesson includes a video lesson and activities to apply your learning immediately to your own situation.

You will receive a workbook to complete as you work your way through the lessons.

You have access to the online course materials for 3 months from the date you register. 

Register for this life-changing program today!

Develop your conflict courage, and discover a more peaceful future!

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