Have you ever faced conflicts that are much more difficult to resolve than others and need a different approach beyond traditional conflict resolution efforts? In this session, you will be introduced to a planned approach to conflict engagement (PACE framework) as a distinct approach to dealing with enduring conflicts. You will learn about what makes some conflicts ongoing and resistant to resolution – we call these conflicts “enduring”. You will leave the session with knowledge of some practical tools to help clients, or yourself, more effectively manage enduring conflicts. These practical tools focus on turning avoidance into engagement; developing constructive conflict narratives; awareness of effective communication strategies; how to use agreements, power, and escalation wisely; and, developing a sustainable engagement approach.

In the webinar you will:

Explore what makes some conflicts ongoing and resistant to resolution

Discover practical tools to help clients manage enduring conflict

Learn how to use the Planned Approach to Conflict Engagement (PACE) Framework

About Your Presenters:

Claire is a highly skilled conflict specialist with global experience in mediation, group facilitation, coaching, and training. As the Director of the Conflict Management and Resolution Program at James Cook University (2017 – 2023), with 10 years as a conflict management practitioner and academic; ‘pracademic’ (2013 – 2023) and two dedicated years as an international conflict specialist (2011 – 2013) Claire has significantly influenced and contributed to theory, practice, education, and scholarship in the dispute resolution and conflict management field. She has successfully developed and implemented processes and support tools in her multiple roles as a project-based consultant advising, supporting, training, and building capacity of individuals and groups to better manage conflict. Claire possesses extensive expertise in education, curriculum development, online and face-to-face learning, fostering leadership development, and capacity building in educational, workplace, and community settings globally. She has worked in complex and protracted settings on the Thailand-Myanmar border and in the Philippines, as well as project-based work in the Solomon Islands. Claire is a PhD candidate, holds a Master of Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Graduate Certificate of Education, and a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws.

Judith is a distinguished ‘pracademic’, integrating 12 years of experience in conflict resolution practice, research, and education spanning Australia and abroad. Since 2011, she has been practicing as a conflict management specialist through her own business and as a mediator at the Cairns Dispute Resolution Centre. In her past role as Senior Lecturer (2012 – 2023) and Director of the postgraduate Conflict Management and Resolution program at James Cook University (2014 – 2017), Judith has significantly enhanced curriculum development in conflict studies and provided conflict management training across various sectors. She has also created multiple training resources and practical tools to assist individuals in analysing and engaging constructively in complex conflict situations. Judith has conducted research in Rwanda, project-based work in the Central African Republic, and is an internationally respected researcher with notable expertise in qualitative studies with vulnerable populations in international conflict and post-conflict settings. She holds a PhD in Conflict Resolution, a Master of Conflict and Dispute Resolution, a Graduate Business Administrator Diploma, and a Graduate Certificate in Psychology.

Registration is AU$47 + GST (if applicable).