12.00pm-1.30pm AEST Monday 19 June 2023

The webinar will be recorded, so even if you can’t make it live, if you have registered you will be sent a link to the recording after the event.

Navigating the Menopause Minefield: Exploring the Intersection of Menopause and Conflict

Transform your understanding of this significant stage of life and its impact on professional dynamics. As a growing number of working women venture into this uncharted territory, we need to have important conversations about the challenges that women experiencing menopause face in the workplace, and to learn about strategies to ensure that those women, their colleagues and their organisations do not suffer unnecessarily due to ignorance.

Conflict specialist Carol Bowen will unravel the intricate links between menopause and conflict, shedding light on the physiological, psychological, and emotional changes that occur during menopause. Discover the influence of fluctuating hormones and their potential impact on productivity, communication and conflict in the workplace. Discover practical strategies for women and their employers to navigate the challenges and conflicts that may arise during the menopausal transition.

In the webinar you will:

Learn about menopause and its typical symptoms.

Explore how menopause symptoms might manifest and contribute to conflict in the workplace.

Discover ways to improve conditions for women experiencing menopause in the workplace and minimise conflict.

About Your Presenter:

Carol Bowen

Carol brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to her conflict resolution practice, with a passion for people and a clear focus on helping client’s deliver required business outcomes when conflicts get in the way of success. Her sense and understanding of human conflict and relationships is very highly regarded by clients and this is reflected in the high degree of success achieved in her mediation, coaching and training engagements.

She has 20 + years of experience as a Conflict Resolution Practitioner. Results-driven, she takes a pragmatic approach, ideally through early intervention as a key conflict resolution
strategy with a tailored blend of best practice techniques.

Her practice has taken her into the private and public sector within Australia and overseas. This is under-pinned by 25 years of service within the Australian Regular Army which exposed her to plenty of adventures and opportunity, in Australia and overseas, that shaped her as a person and as a professional.

Carol is a Nationally  Accredited (Advanced) Mediator, a CINERGY ™ Conflict Management Coach; Mentor and Assessor (Resolution Institute), a Group Facilitator, a Restorative Engagement Facilitator and Coach; an Interactive Problem-Solving Coach and a Conflict
Resolution Trainer.

Registration is AU$47 + GST (if applicable). This will give you access to the live webinar and also the recording after the event.