Are you fascinated by the intricate workings of the human mind during conflict? Do you believe that embracing diversity and harnessing unique perspectives can pave the way for innovative solutions?  If so, join conflict specialist and neuroinclusive practitioner Danielle Hutchinson in an enlightening session that will explore how individuals with divergent cognitive, sensory, and social abilities often experience conflict, and how practitioners can harness this uniqueness to support effective conflict management and resolution.  The session will include references to the most current research, engaging case studies, and will provide you with practical strategies for ensuring that your practice is neuroinclusive.

In the webinar you will:

Learn about neurodiversity and neurodivergence.

Explore how neurodiversity can influence the way that people experience and manage conflict.

Discover neuroinclusive practices and how to embed them into a conflict resolution context.

About Your Presenter:

Danielle Hutchinson

Danielle is a cross-disciplinary innovator, industry-based researcher and pioneer in neuroinclusive practices. Danielle works worldwide advising governments, peak organisations and industry on human behaviour, capacity building and evidence-based practice within professional contexts.

She is a faculty member of The School of Life, a global organization founded by a collective of thinkers, and which specializes in teaching the emotional and interpersonal skills that people need to thrive. Danielle has held academic posts at leading universities, including almost a decade at the University of Melbourne.

Along with Emma-May Litchfield, Danielle is co-founder of  Resolution Resources, an international consulting firm offering a range of conflict, collaboration and change management services. Most recently Danielle and Emma-May led the independent review of Australia’s National Mediator Accreditation System – the NMAS Review 2020-22.

Danielle has authored numerous book chapters and papers in the fields of education and dispute resolution. She holds a Master of Laws (Juris Doctor) and is highly regarded as a coach, facilitator and speaker.

Registration is AU$47 + GST (if applicable). This will give you access to the live webinar and also the recording after the event.