Survey for people who are trained REAL Conflict Coaches

  • (e.g. Mediator, HR manager, consultant, lawyer)
  • (E.g. JCU, Sydney, online)
  • Are you accredited as a REAL Conflict Coach?
  • Please describe in a couple of sentences (more if you like!) how you are using REAL Conflict Coaching. For example, are you using it to coach people in conflict before mediation? Are you using it in the workplace as a way to help build your employees' capacity to manage conflict themselves? Are you using the skills you learned to improve your own personal conflict management?
  • What would you like to help develop your skills further? For example, training on specific skills, advanced coach training, supervision/debrief, etc.?
  • Please provide some feedback about the benefits / usefulness of the REAL Conflict Coach training now that you have completed it and potentially used it in your work/personal life.
  • Please indicate whether you give us permission to use your answers in marketing materials.
  • If you are willing to be interviewed over Zoom in relation to your experience learning and then using the REAL Conflict Coaching system, please indicate below. In return for an hour of your time, I will give you a free copy of my new book Conflict Coaching Fundamentals (worth around $100).