Our core purpose is to change the way people think about conflict, so that they can change the way they manage it. This creates opportunities for learning, growth and connection… and a more peaceful future.

We believe that everyone can learn to manage conflict better. We know that small changes can have a ripple effect, creating significant improvements in our work and personal lives.

Imagine a world in which people think of conflict as a good thing. Where conflict is an opportunity to learn from one another, to grow and to build connections. A world in which people can disagree with candour and respect. A world in which everyone encourages and supports disagreement and difference. Imagine a world in which conflict is not a dirty word! This is the world that we are creating.

People come to CCI Academy to learn to manage their conflicts with courage and integrity. They discover how to engage with conflict so that we can all work towards a more peaceful future. Everyone at CCI Academy understands that peace is not the absence of conflict. Rather, peace is what happens when we learn to manage conflict in a constructive way.

CCI Academy is where people learn from their own experiences as well as from experts. Where learning is practical and fun, but also based on solid evidence and research. Where we translate complex concepts into simple language. Where students can immediately apply what they learn into their own situation. Where theory is useful, but practical is essential. Where our purpose always drives our practice.

We always challenge established thinking. We always ask “but why?” and dig deeper. We never stop asking questions – of others and of ourselves.

We continually reflect on our experiences, both personal and professional. This is an essential part of our ongoing learning and development. We are always working towards developing artistry in everything we do. The merely satisfactory is never good enough.

We value flexibility and independence in learning, but we also ensure that there are human connections, between teachers and students alike. We believe that learning is a collective activity. We gather together a supportive community of practice, all reflecting and learning and growing together.