WHAT I’VE BEEN READING: Anatomy of a Breakthrough by Adam Alter

This book is all about being stuck, something we all face at various times in our lives, in various endeavours. Alter reassures us that everyone gets stuck, and that it is actually a feature, not a bug on the path to success. However, the difference between those who succeed and those who do not lies in how you approach being stuck.

Alter explores many psychological explanations for why we feel stuck and why we sometimes do not use our time and energy in constructive ways to overcome those roadblocks. He explores the emotional and cognitive aspects of being stuck, and also how our habits can contribute to both the problem and the solution. The book includes many useful strategies for breaking through those moments when we feel stuck, such as using audit markers, radical acceptance, sacred pauses, satisficing, imposing artificial constraints, preparation, hardship inoculation, friction audits, simplification, recombination, pivoting, diversity and crowdsourcing, experimentation, and feedback. The final chapter of the book provides 100 different ways to get unstuck.

Coaches and people who work with clients in conflict will find many useful techniques that they can use with their clients to help them move through the inevitable roadblocks on their path to success. It’s also useful for anyone running a business or creative endeavour to help keep the momentum going.

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