WHAT I’VE BEEN READING: Fear Less by Dr Pippa Grange

Dr Pippa Grange is an Australian Sports psychologist and culture coach who has worked with a diverse group of clients; from the English football team preparing for the World Cup in 2018, to Australian Rules Football clubs, to professional musicians and leaders in the business world. In this book she explores how fear underlies many of our challenges in life, and tends to drive us in work and play. She examines different ways to think about success, distinguishing between what she calls “winning shallow” (attaining a goal, beating someone else) and “winning deep” (improving, celebrating the journey towards mastery). She also explores the concepts of failure and how essential it is in the journey towards mastery. Her work overlaps and complements that of Brene Brown (Rising Strong) and Susan Jeffers (Feel the fear and do it anyway). The book is easy to read with lots of stories from sport and other contexts to illustrate her points. She also provides some very practical strategies to manage in-the-moment fear and not-good-enough fear. If you’ve ever felt imposter syndrome, compared yourself to others and felt inadequate, achieved something then immediately felt anxious about what you had to do next… this book is for you!

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