WHAT I’VE BEEN READING: How Emotions Are Made by Lisa Feldmann Barrett

As I’ve been putting the finishing touches on our new Managing Emotions in Conflict online course, this book has become my essential reference source. The book explains complex concepts in simple language, with many practical (and often entertaining) examples. The book will challenge many things that you thought you knew about emotions, and how they work, but in doing so will also open up so many more opportunities to understand them, experience them, and manage them effectively.

The book explains how emotions are constructed and experienced, and provides a persuasive critique of much of the accepted wisdom about emotions. It follows with chapters on mastering your emotions, emotion and illness, emotions and the law, and a chapter on emotions in other animals.

If you are human, and you interact with other humans in any context, you must read this book! If you work with people in situations in which emotions are high (for example, conflict) then this book is essential!

For those of you who want to go into more academic depth on the topic, there’s a more academic book edited by the same author called The Handbook of Emotions, 4th Ed. This book is not easy to read, but has much more research data and academic content on various emotion-related topics.

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