WHAT I’VE BEEN READING: Making Mediation Your Day Job by Tammy Lenski

I’ve long admired Tammi Lenski’s work in the conflict resolution field (check out her other book The Conflict Pivot), but only recently discovered this book (now in its 3rd edition) in which she discusses how to market your ADR business using mediation principles. This book provides such a different approach to the usual business marketing guides, and is a beautiful demonstration of how we can “walk our talk” as conflict resolution practitioners, even when marketing our services.

Lenski starts from the premise that old school marketing, based on one-way communication and trying to persuade your market to buy what you offer, doesn’t work for people in the conflict resolution field. She argues that if you engage in dialogue fully (as we do when mediating), we open ourselves to new information that may well change what we do.

The book includes chapters on Market like a mediator, A mediator’s frame of mind, Creating space for the important, Narrowing your market, Uncovering interests, Reframing how you help, Building dialogue with your market, and Setting your practice-building agenda.

Each chapter contains practical suggestions and reflective questions. The book also comes with a downloadable workbook so you can apply what you learn to your own situation.

If you are planning to start up your own mediation practice, this book is essential reading!

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