WHAT I’VE BEEN READING: Managing Conflict Mindfully by Leonard L. Riskin

In this book Riskin covers three different areas that are useful in managing conflict. The first part is a basic overview of various negotiation theories (positions and interests, emotions and core concerns, and difficult conversations). The second part introduces some different approaches to mindfulness practice. The third part explores Internal Family Systems and how this theory can be helpful in understanding our own responses to conflict.

The book is aimed at people who are relatively new to the field (e.g. undergraduate students or members of the public) and is too simple for experienced practitioners (however, you may find the overview of internal family systems useful if you are not familiar with that theory).

The book includes roadmaps, reviews, summary boxes, and worksheets to help readers apply the frames, ideas, mindsets, perspectives. There’s also an entertaining poem that covers the important points.

For trainers there are additional recourses including video and audio instructions, for conflict management, mindfulness, and internal family systems exercises at https://tinyurl.com/ManagingConflictMindfully

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